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CTSI Special Populations: Translation and Interpretation Resources


Translation Resources 

The ISP team has compiled a list of Duke vendors for translation services. The majority of the resources come from the Duke IRB website; however, we have added more details and contact information to simplify the process of comparing translation options. Prices range are based on the type of language needed, for a more specific estimate, please reach out to the vendor for a quote. Vendors are separated by their location (local and internal to Duke university, external, and preferred with procurement services). Please look below to get more detailed information about each vendor. Underneath the vendor options is a list of requirements in place for having Non-English Speaking Participants with links to more detailed information.

Preferred Vendors: Language Line Solutions, Cyracom International

Internal/Local Vendors: Research at Pickett Road, Global Translation Systems, Language Service Solutions 

External/Non-Local Vendors: United Language Group, Tomedes, TransPerfect Translations, Language Resource Center, Affordable Translations, CSOFT


Language Line Solutions

*Preferred Duke vendor with agreements in place* 

Language line solutions provides interpretation, translation, localization, training, and testing services. Services can be on-site, on-demand, or remote and serve the healthcare field. Specific services useful to investigators include document translation, telehealth interpretation, and audio transcription. Translators go through advanced and regular medical certification. Language Line has a specific portal for Duke investigators to access requests. Language Line also have two project managers affiliated with Duke to help with document translation and interpretation requests.

Services: Translation, Interpretation, Localization, Transcription, In-person services

Contact Information: or

Price Range:  0.13-0.26 cents per new word based on the language and 0.03 per re-used word

*Preferred Duke Vendors have contracts in place with Procurement Services* 

CyraCom International

*Preferred Duke vendor with agreements in place* 

Cyracom provides phone and video translation for the healthcare field in 300+ languages in a a PCI and HIPAA compliant format. Their healthcare translators are trained in practices and language specifically regarding the medical field.  Cyracom rates differ by language, and different rates are provided based on four different criteria (new word, 100% memory match, memory repeated text, and fuzzy translation match). 

Services: Translation

Contact Information:

Price Range: Within one language, prices can range between 0.07-0.52 cents per word. Between new words in different languages, prices can range between 0.09-0.69 cents per word. 

*Preferred Duke Vendors have contracts in place with Procurement Services* 

Research at Pickett Road

Spanish interpretation, translation, and bilingual coordination services are offered through the Duke Office of Clinical Research for coordination, advanced practice providers, labs, nursing, project management, recruitment, regulatory, and exam room use.  For more information, email Pickett Road's translation services have at least two certified translators and native speaking staff to aid in translation services, and provide an affordable route

Services: Translation, Interpretation, Bilingual Coordination, Spanish Only


Price Range$73/hour for about 250-300 words/hour

Global Translation Systems

Global Translation Systems provides interpretation and translation services in the following languages:  for pharmaceutical documents, technical manuals, clinical trial informed consents, regulatory documents, and medical records/transcripts. Through a 9-step process, they provide culturally accurate translations for a variety of fields including research/ informed consents. 

Services: Translation, Interpretation, In-person services 


Price Range0.30-0.45 price per word or $125-$160 per hour for non- Microsoft Word documents 

Language Service Solutions

Language Service Solutions, LLC has over 20 years of experience providing translation, transcription, virtual and in-person interpretation services, consulting, and subtitling around services for organizations and communities. 

Services: Translation, Interpretation, Transcription, In-person services


Price Range: 0.14 cents per word

United Language Group

Interpretation, translation, and localization services by specialized linguists in over 200 languages. Healthcare specific services are PHI and HIPAA compliant for document translations and a range of other services specifically for the medical field. United Language Group has a price range dependent on language pairs, and also offers sign language. You can fill out the link here to receive a free quote.

Services: Translation, Interpretation, Localization

Contact Information:

Price Range: 0.135-0.29 cents per word


Tomedes provides translation, localization, interpreting, and content solutions in over 120 languages through over 20,000 native translators. They have medical field-specific services with certified medical interpreters are HIPAA-compliant. Linguists can handle 1500-2000 words a day and charge based on language. Tomedes can also provide urgent requests for an additional fee. 

Services: Translation, Interpretation, Localization

Contact Information:

Price Range0.06-0.13 cents per word

TransPerfect Translations

TransPerfect Translations span across a multitude of services, including translation and other linguistic offerings, eClinical and COA solutions, machine translation, interpretation, AI solutions, and regulatory and product launch support. Their costs can be reduced if existing word are pulled form their memory database.

Services: Translation, Interpretation

Contact Information:; 919-361-9200

Price Range0.10-0.30+ cents per word

Language Resource Center

Interpretation and translation service providing on-site, on-call, and video/remote interpretations, document translations, and assessments in over 190+ languages including ASL for simple to complex medical and research documents. Translations are given in a HIPAA-compliant format. LRC can also provide a free estimate of costs. 

Services: Translation, Interpretation

Contact Information:

Affordable Translations

Affordable Translations offers services for website localizations, brochures and marketing materials, training materials and manuals, financial reports and representations, project proposals, and video transcriptions in the following languages: Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Flemish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, and Vietnamese. You can request an estimate or find rates on their website.

Services: Transcription, Localization 



CSOFT provides translation and localization services for the health sciences industries in 250+ languages. Their services range from medical document translation, clinical trial translation, writing, and video translations. You can contact them through their website. 

Services: Translation