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Black History at Duke Health

A guide to archival materials about Black history at Duke Health

Introduction to Black History at the Duke University Medical Center

Early Hospital Floor Plan

The stories of African Americans have been historically underrepresented and concealed in archival collections. Consequently researching their history can be difficult.

This guide aims to introduce researchers to materials documenting the history of African Americans at the Duke University Medical Center. The focus is on navigating resources within the Medical Center Archives. It is not intended to be a comprehensive bibliography, but rather a starting guide to locating research materials.

To the right: A 1927 floor plan of Duke University Hospital shows that black patients were admitted but facilities were segregated. Part of the Wilburt C. Davison Papers, and also available at MEDSpace.


The information in this guide is separated into multiple sections. Use the tabs on the top left of this page to navigate to each section.