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CTSI Special Populations: DRAFT- Datawrapper

ISP Dashboard of Clinical Research Enrollment

This Inclusion of Clinical Research Snapshot provides a summary of demographic representation for participants in Duke clinical research studies. The Inclusion of Clinical Research Snapshot presents information from studies as entered into the Duke clinical research management system (OnCore) with any accrual status as of October 2, 2023. We assessed the following demographic variables: age, gender, race, ethnicity, and rurality. Our primary objective is to determine the inclusion of traditionally underrepresented groups in research in Duke clinical trials.

Technical Appendix - Footnotes for SPC Snapshot.docx

DOCR has published a new Tableau dashboard on demographic data related to clinical research enrollment. Link is below. *Please note that you need to be logged in the VPN to access this dashboard. 

Enrollment Demographics Dashboard

Duke Clinical Research Participants (DCRP) DCRP vs Regional Demographics (US Census)