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What is Duke AHEAD?

Welcome / Mission Statement

The role of a faculty member is a complex, multidimensional one that requires participation in scholarly/research endeavors, clinical practice, teaching and service.  Duke University is known as an exceptional research institution, and its faculty are leading cutting-edge initiatives to transform the practice of health care. Enhanced preparation of faculty for our roles as teachers is a vital part of that mission .

As teachers, faculty are in the pivotal position of having a tremendous influence on the future development of their professions.  Therefore the vital importance of pursuing excellence in our educational offerings cannot be overstated.

The Duke Academy for Health Professions Education and Academic Development (Duke AHEAD) is a partnership between Duke’s health professions schools, including the School of Medicine, School of Nursing, and Physician Assistant and Physical Therapy programs. The new academy promotes excellence in the education of health professionals by creating a community of education scholars, fostering innovation in health professions education, supporting outstanding teachers, providing faculty development programs, and facilitating quality education research. In support of this mission, this website offers resources and information for health professions faculty and instructors at Duke in their efforts to enhance their pedagogical knowledge and skills. It provides links to information and internal and external resources to help faculty in many areas, including (but not limited to) the following:

- educational philosophy;
- principles of learning;
- course development;
- designing effective classroom, laboratory, online, and clinical learning experiences for students;
- innovative teaching strategies;
- assessing student performance;
- preparing effective professional presentations; and
- individuals to contact with questions regarding implementation of innovative strategies and utilization of teaching tools, including technology.

The website is considered to be a “living” resource that will change continually and to which each faculty member may contribute ideas, experiences, questions, resources, and so on.  It is intended that this website and the many resources it offers will help and encourage each faculty member to create effective and enriching teaching experiences, so that our learners will imbibe the best of what we have to offer and so that Duke University will be as well known for its excellence and innovation in teaching as it is for its leadership in research and clinical practice.

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