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CTSI Special Populations: Advisory Council

The Integrating Special Populations Core Advisory Council helps identify relevant resources and opportunities including registries and databases, clinical trial networks, research tools, educational offerings, and best practices to share with our local research community. This advisory council also provides guidance in identifying the needs of health disparities and special populations researchers and developing plans to address those gaps.

Additional members were selected for the CHDI-CTSI Child Health Equity Program to ensure specific stakeholder experience in child health equity. These members will provide input in the development of this pilot program RFA and will continue to guide the pilot program. All Advisory Council members are invited to participate in special interest initiatives, such as the CHDI-CTSI Child Health Equity Program. 

Integrating Special Populations Core Advisory Council Members

External Council Members 

Faye Calhoun, PhD | | Special Assistant Chancellor for Partnerships and Cooperative Agreements, NCCU

Shauna Guthrie, MPH, MD, FAAFP | | Granville Vance Public Health Medical Director and Family Physician

Joanne Pierce, MPH | | Deputy Public Health Director Durham County

Internal Council Members 

Deborah Allen, PhD, RN, CNS, FNP-BC, AOCNP | | Director of Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice, Duke University Health System

Nadine J. Barrett, PhD | | Duke Assistant Professor of Family Medicine and Community Health; Duke CTSI Co-director for Equity and Stakeholder Strategy; Duke CTSI Inaugural Director of the Center for Equity in Research; Associate Director for Equity and Stakeholder Strategy, Duke Cancer Institute

Bryan C. Batch, MD | Duke Associate Professor of Medicine 

Tyson Brown, PhD | | Duke Associate Professor of Sociology; Director of the Center on Health & Society

Brigit Carter, PhD MSN RN CCRN | | Clinical Professor and Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion at Duke University School of Nursing

Jennifer Li, MD | | Duke Professor of Pediatric Cardiology

Kimberly Monroe, MPA | | Program Manager, Office of Community Health

Devon Noonan, PhD | | Dorothy L. Powell Term Chair of Nursing; Duke Associate Professor in the School of Nursing

Vandana Shashi, MBBS MD | | Duke Professor of Pediatrics

Heather Whitson, MD MHS | | Duke Professor of Medicine, Ophthalmology, and Head and Neck Surgery and Communication Sciences; Director of the Duke Center for the Study of Aging and Human Development

CHDI-CTSI Child Health Equity Program Advisory Council Members

External Council Members 

Irene Doherty, PhD | | Research Scientist, NCCU

Cheslie Johnson, BA | | Stakeholder Leadership Team Patient Representative 

Rebby Kern | | Director of Education Policy, NC Equality 

Kelley Massengale, PhD MPH | | Director of Research and Evaluation, NC Diaper Bank 

Internal Council Members 

Naomi Duke, MD PhD MPH | naomi.duke@edu | Duke Associate Professor of Pediatrics; Program Director for Duke NCSP, Duke School of Medicine; Associate Director for Duke PCLT, Duke School of Medicine

Dane Whicker, PhD | | Duke Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences; Duke CTSI Co-Director Equity in Research

Integrating Special Populations Core Team Members

Keisha Bentley-Edwards, PhD | | Duke Associate Professor of Internal Medicine; Associate Director of Research, Samuel DuBois Cook Center on Social Equity; Duke CTSI Co-Director Equity in Research; Duke CTSI Co-Director Integrating Special Populations Core

Dwight Koeberl, MD, PhD | | Duke Professor of Pediatrics; Duke Professor in Molecular Genetics and Microbiology; Duke CTSI Co-Director Integrating Special Populations Core

Jillian Hurst, PhD | | Duke Assistant Professor of Pediatrics; CHDI Director; CHDI-CTSI Child Health Equity Program, Lead

K.K. Lam, PhD | | Clinical Trials Project Leader III; Program Director, Newborn Screening Evidence Review Group; Duke CTSI Director of Operations for Integrating Special Populations Core

Sydney Sullivan, MPH || ISP Research Program Manager

Eisha Baig, BS | | ISP Program Coordinator