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CTSI Special Populations: ISP Seminar Series

Kidney Disease Across the Lifespan and in African Americans”

Meeting Information

Duke CTSA Integrating Special Populations Core Spring Seminar Series Presents: Kidney Disease Across the Lifespan and in African Americans”

Date: Thursday, May 2, 2024

Time: 11:30 -1:00 pm

Location: Chesterfield Rm 550. Lunch will be provided.

*Virtual Link available upon request*


Description: Dr. Gentzon Hallan Assistant Professor of Medicine and Nephrology at Duke University School of Medicine, will be discussing "Glomerular Disease and African Americans - A Story for the Ages." During this presentation participants will learn how to: (1) define glomerular disease as a driver of end-stage kidney disease, (2) understand focal segmental glomerular disease (FSGS) and its unique impact in African Americans, (3) and understand the progress that has been made in familial studies of FSGS. 

Dr. Rasheeda Hall is an Associate Professor in Medicine and a physician-scientist with an academic career focus in geriatric nephrology. Her talk is titled, Engaging Older African Americans with Kidney Disease in Research”. After listening to this talk, researchers in the audience will be able to do these things for their studies on older African Americans with kidney disease: (1) change how they plan their studies to fit better with the particular views and circumstances of this group, (2) include adjustments for problems that come up because of getting older or having long-term health issues, and (3) figure out ways to deal with problems in finding people for their studies and collecting information from them.