CTSI Special Populations: Pediatrics



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Pediatric Resources

Children's Health & Discovery Initiative 

Helps fosters multidisciplinary and innovative research that will positively impact childhood and lifelong health.

Children's Clinical Research Unit 

A clinical research organization created to ensure clinical trials are ethically and efficiently managed with the ultimate goal of improving the overall quality of the patient care experience and providing the highest quality clinical research environment possible. 

Duke Center for Childhood Obesity Resources (DCCOR)

Helps advance effective and equitable obesity prevention and treatment by conducting innovative interdisciplinary research to achieve optimal health for all children.

Duke Pediatric Immunocompromised Host Program 

A multi-disciplinary, integrated clinical and research program that functionally links the care and advancement of immunocompromised children at Duke.

Y.T. & Alice Chen Pediatric Genetics and Genomic Research Center 

Develops novel and effective treatments and establishes a better understanding of the pathophysiology and long term complications of patients affected with genetic/metabolic disorder

The Jean & George Brumley Jr. Neonatal Perinatal Research Institute (NPRI)

Addresses health problems of the newborn child through translational research programs and trains the next generation of physician-scientists to continue addressing these issues.