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To assist our community, health workers and researchers working under challenging conditions while we navigate our way through this time of crisis, we have created a COVID-19 Resources page. This resource page will bring together content from both our local and national communities as we pilot through our "new normal".

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COVID-19 Health and Safety Guidance


North Carolina


Vaccine Information - You Have a Spot / Take Your Shot


Our team of doctors and scientists are investigating whether the data from your smartphone and smart watch can help determine whether or not you have a COVID-19 infection, and how severe the infection is expected to get. Click here to learn more about the COVIDENTIFY Study or visit:  https://covidentify.org/

        Research Opportunities through HERO

The Healthcare Worker Exposure Response & Outcomes (HERO) Registry is a large, national clinical research community. It invites healthcare workers across America to share clinical and life experiences to understand the perspectives and problems they face on the COVID-19 pandemic front lines.

HERO Registry participants could have the opportunity to participate in future research studies to improve our understanding of COVID-19 and beyond, generating evidence to help keep healthcare workers safe and healthy. 


Community Health Watch Study to Enhance the

COVID-19 Pandemic Response Network 

How does it work?

Using a web-based survey that is secure and easy to use, our team of medical professionals will help you monitor your symptoms of the coronavirus and offer guidance on how to care for yourself throughout the pandemic.

Our program is open to everyone, regardless of age or where you live. Here are some details:

  • You do not need to have symptoms to sign up for the program
  • If you are symptom-free but then start to show symptoms, our team of medical professionals will give you feedback on what to do
  • You will record symptoms using our web-based survey twice per day each day for a total of 28 days. To make it easy for you, our team will send you reminders
  • Our medical professionals will monitor your symptoms. If your symptoms worsen, we will increase our outreach to you. We may recommend options for seeking care, such as a direct referral to your physician or taking immediate action, like dialing 911 in an emergency situation
  • If you forget to report your symptoms during a 24-hour period, we will call you directly to make sure you are okay. If we cannot reach you within 48 hours of your missed check-in, we will reach out to your emergency contact and ask them to check on you

Duke Population Health Improvement Initiative

National Clinical Trials Research Opportunities

DIY No Sew Face Mask Video (English/Spanish)

COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout

Volunteer Opportunities & Information


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