CTSI Community Engaged Research Initiative e-Library: CTSI CERI

Introduction to the Duke CTSI Community Engaged Research Initiative (CERI)

The Duke Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSICommunity Engaged Research Initiative (CERI) e-Library leverages existing local and national resources around community engaged research (CEnR).  The e-Library equips both community-based organizations (CBOs) and researchers with training, videos, and other capacity-building tools for researchers and community partners to equitably and fully engage in CEnRThrough CEnR, CBOs and Universities can form mutually beneficial, equitable, robust, and collaborative partnerships to change and improve community and population health.

Vision, Mission, Goal


To be a national leader in facilitating equitable, authentic, and robust community-engaged research for community and population health improvement.


To promote community engaged research by building capacity, facilitating connections, and fostering authentic communication between academic and community partners to improve the health and healthcare of the community.


  1. Build capacity by ensuring research-ready communities and community-ready researchers. (Build capacity)
  2. Facilitate meaningful and equitable partnerships and collaborations between community stakeholders and academic investigators across the translational research continuum. (Facilitate connections)
  3. Foster transparent, bidirectional communication between community stakeholders and academic investigators. (Foster authentic communication)

Partner Quotes and Testimonials

"Clinical Research is a Pathway to the Good News."

- Reverend Julian Pridgen 

AME Zion Church / Duke CTSI Partnership

"Potential racial, ethnic, and other differences in response to drugs are important to FDA's efforts to help ensure that the safety and effectiveness of drugs are studied in all people who will use the products once they are approved."

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