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Getting Published: Open Access

Open Access @ Duke

Collaboration is important to scientific discoveries, the development of innovative ideas and designs, addressing global issues, and creating new knowledge.  The concept of open access focuses on the need for the free exchange of knowledge, information, and data to further exploration, discovery and problem-solving on a global as well as local level. 

Join colleagues at Duke in the Open Access movement.  Watch for special events focusing on OA throughout the year, but also during International OA Week held across the world during October each year.

 Participate in Open Access activities through your role at Duke:

Authors' Rights -- Keeping the Rights to Your Work

Authors can retain their rights to journal articles, books and other materials that they create.  Here are some resources that tell you how to do that.

How You Can Support Open Access

Explore Open Access options provided by traditional as well as OA publishers!

Search for journals related to your subject in the Directory of Open Access Journals (link below). 

More and more traditional publishers such as Elsevier, Springer, Wiley and society journals are experimenting with Open Access journals.  Visit publisher Websites to see which OA options they offer BEFORE selecting a more traditional journal title that does not provide easy access to its content. 

Unfortunately while Open Access is wonderful, predatory OA journals have appeared as well.  These are journals which are more interested in collecting authors' OA fees than in publishing and reviewing high quality content.  Check out Beall's List below if you are uncertain of a journal or publisher.


Find out more ways to think about open access:  readers' rights, authors' rights, placing works in public repositories, and how freely materials can be used and re-used.  There is a spectrum of how open publications and information can be. 

Open Access Spectrum Evaluation Tool  -- find out how open a journal may be

HowOpenIsIt?  Open Access Spectrum  -- a guide to other OA issues to consider

Duke's Scholarly Communications Office

Contact the Medical Center Library for more information about how you can make a difference in scholarly communications or become involved in open access.

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You may also contact Duke's Scholarly Communications Office: