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Creating Links

Creating Links to E-Books

To create a stable link to an E-Book that is not hosted on the ClinicalKey platform (see box below), follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to the Library's catalog to search for the book.
    The search bar is near the top of the page. You may wish to restrict your search to those books available online by selecting the "Available Online" link in the left hand side bar menu. 
  1. Once you have located the correct E-Book in the list of results, right click on the "View Online" button and copy the link address. See image.
  2. Paste the link.
    The beginning part of the URL should look something like this:
    and then followed by the remaining part of the URL that directs you to the book.

Creating Links using ClinicalKey

To create a stable link to an E-Book or specific E-Book chapter located in a book that is hosted on the ClinicalKey platform, first navigate to ClinicalKey using the link below or via the Library's A-Z database list.

  1. Search for and locate the book or book chapter of interest. 
    Note that you can jump directly to the Books section of ClinicalKey by selecting Books in the dropdown labeled All Types. See image.


  1. Once you have located the book or specific book chapter, look at the web browser's address area.
    Here, you will see a URL that looks something like this:!/content/book/3-s2.0-B9780323476744000372
    Please note that this may vary if you are off-campus. 
  2. In the address area, copy the alphanumeric content identifier for the book chapter
    For example, 3-s2.0-B9780323476744000372
    See image.

  3. Open a text file (e.g., Notepad) and paste that alphanumeric string
  4. Copy this proxy prefix below and paste it into Notepad, before the alphanumeric string
  5. This creates a customized, stable link to the book chapter. It should look something like this: