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Occupational Therapy Resources: E-Books


A Note on These Books:

These are just the textbooks the OTD courses require and the library has available in some form. Some textbooks are not available through the library and will need to be rented or purchased. Please check your syllabus to ensure you have all the textbook requirements for your class.


Books from Our Faculty

EBooks for Classes - restricted number titles

Please Note: These books are restricted so only a limited number of people can be "reading" the book at any one time. In order to ensure that access can be shared, please download the necessary chapters (as opposed to selecting "read online"). Below are the steps:


  1. When you are on the book's main page, scroll down to the table of contents and find the chapter(s) you need. Please do NOT click "read online"
  2. Click the "download PDF" link that's to the right of the chapter that you need. Note that the main chapter sections, Parts 1 and 2 in some books, can be expanded to show the individual chapters. You can save this PDF to your personal device or print out.
  3. Be sure to close the window when you are finished. This will release the book and make it available for another person to access.