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Occupational Therapy Resources: Databases


How to Find Other Databases

While the medical library focuses mainly on STEM subject databases, the main campus' Library Page offers access to a broader list of subject databases to search. Here is how to explore their list!

1. First, navigate to their Library Homepage. Then click on Research Databases:


A screenshot of the duke libraries homepage, with the research databases tab highlighted with a red box



2. Next, click on the 2nd drop-down menu to select "articles" as the type of resource you are looking for. This will narrow down the first drop-down to only databases that contain articles. You can the click the subject drop-down to browse the list of options:

Screenshot of the database list, with both drown-down tabs highlighted.



You can now explore the list and databases related to your chosen field of research!

Core Medical Databases

This one of the first databases you should search for anything related to health. This database has over 36 million citations of biomedical literature. A variety of healthcare professions, including occupational therapy, is gathered here to search for.

Embase is a biomedical database, like PubMed, but it has more literature from the UK and other parts of the world. This is a great one to search if your question is not US-specific.

This database covers a wide variety of allied health literature, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, nursing, and more. This is one of the main databases for the allied health field.

This is a big, multidisciplinary database that covers at lot of fields. It has some additional tools, such as links to references and an option to filter by subject area.

Web of Science one is very similar to Scopus in the fact that it is big and multidisciplinary. One helpful feature is filtering for "highly cited" papers – so you can find the seminal works that everyone is citing in their research.

Focused, Subject-specific Databases

This database is good for questions about the approach of education systems, the philosophy behind teaching princicples, or about educating others. Proquest's Education Database indexes various occupational therapy and other health-related journals. Additionally, it also covers content such as higher education, educational theory, and research on teaching implementation and education practice.

This database is good for when you have a topic about sociology, religion, socio-cultural anthropology, and more. This is a database that searches a lot like CINAHL and has a smaller, more US-centric focus in regards to content.

Consider this database when you have a sociological research question that is global in scope. This database houses international literature in sociology and related social and behavioral sciences disciplines.

Search this database when you have a research questions rooted in psychology. This database covers multiple medical disciplines as well as education, pharmacology, and more.

This database is good for research questions with a heavy focus on religion or theology. This database contains a mix of scholarly and non-scholarly, covering formal theological discussions and commentary on topics of general interest from the perspectives of many worldwide religions.

Business Research Databases

This database is great for Industry/Market research, specifically: finding general information about a broad market or a large company. Contains full text market research reports that include executive summaries, 5 forces analysis, market volume, rivalry, forecasts, and more. Also has a global scope.

This database is great for Industry/market research, specifically: finding reports and statistics about companies within the US. Keep in mind that reports are focusing on the national level. 

This resource is great for consumer/customer research. Provides market research on consumer oriented sectors with a focus on behaviors and trends.

This database is great for finding information on competitors. This database includes information on just about every US and Canadian company, including those in healthcare.

This database is great for finding potential funding sources. It can also help you find similar companies. Please note: you cannot download more than 25 lines per month.

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