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Nursing Tools

Interlibrary Loans for ABSN & MSN Students

  1. Go to the Interlibrary Loan service available here:
  2. Log in with your DHE username/password 
  3. Register for an account if this is your first time using the service
  4. Click on the GetIt@Duke button (from PubMed, Google Scholar, etc.)
  5. Click on "Request from another library (Medical Center users)"  
  6. Log into the ILL ordering system, if needed, and then you will be taken to the request page where the citation information will be prefilled for you. Review it for accuracy.
  7. Respond to the Yes or No question asking if you are willing to pay for the article. There is a charge of $11/article for items that we don't own.
  8. Submit request
  9. The article will be emailed to you as a PDF link in 1-3 business days for most requests

Note: Items we own only in print will be scanned and emailed. There is a charge of $11/article for Items we don’t own (print or electronically) that we have to get from another library.

Interlibrary Loans for SON DNP & PhD Students

We realize that the Duke libraries may not have all the journals that we need to support your learning at Duke. The Library has been granted funding to provide a limited number of interlibrary loans to School of Nursing DNP & PhD students. 

There is an initial budget cap funding for articles and once reached, the School of Nursing and the Library will re-evaluate the program.  So your requests should be:

  • thoughtful
  • directly relevant to your educational program
  • articles you consider Important or Crucial to your learning, research or patient care

The number and type of articles will also be analyzed and shared with the School of Nursing on a regular basis to determine appropriateness of requests as well as costs.

Students should NOT be requesting on behalf of faculty, staff, housestaff, or other Duke students. Those individuals must make their own requests and pay the standard fees if not covered by their program.

Students who need to make bulk requests should contact the Library first.

When you make an interlibrary loan article or chapter request, you will need to select "SON DNP Student" or "SON PhD Student" from the dropdown on the form in answer to the question, “Are you willing to pay a fee ($11) if the item is not available at Duke?”