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NIH Public Access Policy Compliance: Manage Compliance

Manage Compliance thru My Bibliography

This guide provides simplified instructions for managing compliance, though detailed instructions for Managing Compliance to the NIH Public Access Policy are provided by NIH. 

After selecting Manage My Bibliography to add your citations and link your eRA Commons account, the citation compliance status bar will show how many publications have a status that is not defined, non-compliant, in process, and complete.

Assign Awards

You should assign the correct awards to each citation in your My Bibliography.

  • "My awards" are associated with the PI's eRA Commons profile.
  • "Other awards" are not associated with the PI's eRA Commons profile, but have been linked to citations in the My Bibliography collection.

                            My bibliography assign awards

Status Codes

Any article with a red exclamation mark or question mark needs your attention! 

Citations that are not defined need to be identified as publications supported by NIH grants; click “Edit Status” to confirm that an article was partly or wholly supported by NIH grants. NIH funding information can be added to citations with an undefined status by clicking the “Add Award” button.

When "Edit Status" is selected, the following box will open and take you through a series of questions and steps to become compliant.