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Global Health Toolkit: For Users Outside of Duke University

Resources and services to support global health

Special Web pages for International Partners

Since it is not generally possible to extend licenses to electronic resources outside an institution's faculty, staff and students, the Duke Medical Center Library has identified a number of high quality, freely available online resources.

See our Global Health Resources for International Partners page.


HINARI is a free or low-cost digital library of electronic journals, databases and online books that is available to institutions in low- to middle-income countries. It allows you to browse through lists of electronic journals by subject, title, or publisher. You can also search a customized version of PubMed that shows what citations are available through the HINARI collection.

Individuals cannot register for HINARI, but your institution can if it has not done so already. Check with your librarian or at the HINARI registered institutions list. See the HINARI eligibility criteria for more information.

Extensive training materials are available on the Research4Life Training portal.

Other Information Sources

A number of NGOs and academic institutions have programs for increasing access to information. Many of these organizations offer low cost or free support to administrators or librarians of institutions looking to bolster their own library services.

WiderNet Project: Coordinated by the University of Iowa, this organization offers sources, coaching, training, computers and educational materials to schools, clinics, libraries and homes with poor digital communication resources. They also develop and distribute the eGranary Digital Library, a plug-and-play server that provides instant access to millions of digital documents without the need of connection to the Internet.

EIFL: EIFL works with libraries worldwide to enable access to digital information in developing and transition countries. They are an international not-for-profit organisation based in Europe with a global network of partners.

INASP SRKS: Strengthening Research and Knowledge Systems (SRKS) seeks to enhance access to scholarly literature and supports related programs and training.