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Physician Assistant Program Resources: InterLibrary Loan

Get It At DukeEncounter an article or chapter you can't get access to?
If the Library doesn't own it, below are the steps to ordering it via InterLibrary Loan (ILL) & more about the PA Program's support to cover the fees.

InterLibrary Loan = Ordering Items the Library Doesn't Own

  1. Go to ILL to register for your account (if you haven't already ordered something before, if so skip to step #4):
  2. Enter your DHE username/pw to log in
  3. Register for an account
  4. Click on the GetIt@Duke button (from PubMed, Google Scholar, etc)
  5. Click on "Request from another library (Medical Center users)"  
  6. Log into to the ILL ordering system if needed, then you will be taken to the request page where the citation information will be prefilled for you. Review it for accuracy
  7. PA Students or Faculty: For the question, “Are you willing to pay a fee ($11) if the item is not available at Duke?” you must select either “PA Program - Student" or "PA Program Faculty" from the dropdown.
  8. Submit request.
  9. PA Students Only: Watch your email for the survey link that you must complete to have your request processed.
  10. The article will be emailed to you as a PDF link in 1-3 business days or so, longer if it is difficult to find a library which owns it   

Note: Items we own only in print will be scanned and emailed.  Other items we don’t own (print or electronically) we have to get from another library and there is a charge of $11/article that the PA Program will cover for its faculty & students. (see more below)

New Service! PA Program Paying Faculty/Students ILL Fees

We realize that the Duke libraries may not have all the journals that we need to support your learning at Duke. The PA program wants to ensure its faculty and students have what they need for research and education.  The PA Program has agreed to cover the costs for InterLibrary Loans (library fees/staff time) of $11 per article. There is a cap on the budget for this service, so only order what you truly need. The sustainability of this service will be determined yearly.

When you make an interlibrary loan article or chapter request, you will need to select “PA Program - Student" or "PA Program - Faculty" from the dropdown in answer to the question, “Are you willing to pay a fee ($11) if the item is not available at Duke?”

PA Faculty: All requests will be processed without further review or delay.

PA Students: All requests will be screened before being processed to ensure that high quality information is being requested. Part of the screening process involves a brief survey that is sent to the requesting student. This survey (asking why the article/chapter is needed) must be filled out for the request to be processed. The faster the survey is completed, the faster your request will be handled.  Faculty requests will be processed without this step.

  • Student request(s) will be reviewed as quickly as possible during business days, but there may be a delay of one to two days before the request is approved for processing.
  • The item may not be available for 1 to 3 business-days from the date of request, or longer if it is difficult to find a library which owns it.  
  • You will be provided with a link to the article if filled or with information about cancellation
  • For expediency, you may opt to skip the review process and pay the standard $11 fee per request at any time by contacting Louis Wiethe (919.660.1138 or send an e-mail to
  • Students should not request on behalf of others such as faculty, staff, housestaff, or other students as they must make their own requests. Students who need to make bulk requests should contact the library first.

General Guidelines for Reviewing ILL Requests from PA Students

Most requests from high quality journals not available at Duke University will be approved. The PA Librarian reviews all requests. The number and type of articles will be weighed against the stated purpose and importance of the request, as provided by the student in the survey. If it is for EBM2, please state that in the survey.

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