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Health Statistics & Data: Duke Research Data

A selected list of Websites and organizations, both national and international. Includes major providers of North Carolina statistics.

Data Catalog

Data Catalog

Discover Data @ Duke is a catalog of research data from Duke University.  

Discover Data@Duke is designed to help you identify data resources that may inform your project or research question or share data resources with others for further analysis. Some data resources may be immediately available from the catalog. Others may require completion of a data use application form or other collaboration with investigators or data “owners.” 

Discover Data@Duke is a collaborative effort between the Duke CTSI and the Duke Medical Center Library, supported in part by a grant from the National Network of Libraries of Medicine and developed with the assistance of the Data Catalog Collaboration Project. While a pilot project, the catalog welcomes additional biomedical research data resources from across Duke University for inclusion.

Duke Data Sources

CTSI Data Support


Visit the CTSI data website for information on health data at Duke. The CTSI and the DHTS Analytics Center of Excellence Research Solutions Team have partnered to connect investigators to local, regional, and national datasets that are crucial for scientific and clinical research.