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Faculty: Getting Started

Resources to help you become oriented to and familiar with Duke Medicine.

The Basics

Address/mailbox/email – Contact your Department/Division Administrative Assistant (DAA) to have this setup.

Duke Card Office - Medical Center -- this office handles ID badges, parking permits, key distribution, and OIT wireless services.  This office is located at Room 04230 Duke Clinics (adjacent to the Medical Center Bookstore on the basement level/Level 0). 

ID Badge – Get an Interdepartmental Request (IR) form from your departments and take it to the Duke Card Office (see above)  to have your ID badge made.  

NET ID - A Duke NetID is an electronic alphanumeric identifier that  provides access to online resources you have been authorized to use according to your role at Duke which is assigned once your records are in Duke's Human Resources database.  Your department will give you this information.  More information can be found on the OIT NetID Website. 

Lab Coats – These are available from Medical Center Bookstore on the basement level of the Duke Clinic building (Duke South).  Contact your department about the process of paying for your lab coat.

Parking – Go to the Duke Card Office for the medical center, located on the basement level of the Duke Clinic building (Duke South), Room 04230, near the Medical Center Bookstore to obtain a parking pass.

Employee Health – Located on ground floor Duke Clinic (South) across from the Red Zone Elevators.  Call 684-3136 for an appointment or walk in. Requirements vary depending on patient contact and handling of animals:

  • Annual PPD test

  • Respirator Fit Test - Airborne N95

  • Respirator Medical Clearance

  •  Hep A, Hep B, and TDAP vaccines

  • Annual influenza vaccination

Computer – Ask your department about general computer information and technical support in your division/department. General requests for technical help should go through DHTS (Duke Health Technology Solution) Service Desk call 684-2243 or  You will need your unique ID (on the back of your Duke ID badge) whenever you talk to DHTS. 

OIT – Duke University Office of Information Technology website is a very useful site when you arrive and gives a lot of information regarding technology support (pagers, computers etc) here at the University.  The web site address is 


Operator – Duke University Medical Center Operator phone number 919-684-8111.

Duke University Medical Center Paging Site – to page someone and to find out who is on call for most services at Duke Hospital.

 Duke University Online Phone Book Directory – to find any phone number or mailing address, and to change your own directory information. 

Physician Directory – Contact your department for information about having a photograph taken and your information added to the

Scholars@Duke: This is a great resource for finding out about research being conducted by Duke faculty throughout the University.  This has replaced the prior faculty research database called FReD.

To search Scholars@Duke --        

Instructions on updating your own profile. 







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