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Master of Biomedical Sciences Program Resources: Articles



PubMed is the key database in medicine. It contains articles on diseases, treatments, models of care, medical education, health reform, and other topics relevant to this course. To get the best results out of PubMed,

  1. Identify the key concepts in your topic.
  2. Search for them individually, checking the Details box on the results page after each search to ensure you've found a good subject heading (called a MeSH term) for each concept.
  3. If you were not automatically mapped to a good MeSH term, search the MeSH database for the best heading for your concept.
  4. Use the Advanced Search page to combine your searches (OR together synonyms, AND all topics that must be in your final results)
  5. Use Limits page to narrow by study type, language, etc.

Extensive help information, including short videos and PDFs are available on the Medical Center Library's PubMed Tutorial and Training page.

Articles Not on Online

The Medical Center Library provides free delivery of books or copies of articles that are available in print format at the Library, in off-site storage, or at other Duke Libraries.

Note: There is a charge for articles that we have to borrow from other libraries.

For more information about this service or to get instructions for ordering articles, click here.

Other Sources for Health Articles

EndNote Support

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