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Resource Guide for those Interested in Integrative Health Coaching: 08. Spirituality

Resources for Informed Health Care


The Healing Power of Faith: How Belief and Prayer Can Help You Triumph over Disease by Harold Koenig (2001).

Healing Words: The Power of Prayer and the Practice of Medicine by Larry Dossey (1997).

How God Changes Your Brain: Breakthrough Findings from a Leading Neuroscientist by Andrew Newberg and Mark Waldman (2009).

Medicine, Religion, and Health: Where Science and Spirituality Meet by Harold Koenig (2008).

My Grandfather’s Blessings: Stories of Strength, Refuge, and Belonging by Rachel Naomi Remen (2001).

Recovering the Soul: A Scientific and Spiritual Search by Larry Dossey (1989).

Why Good Things Happen to Good People: How to Live a Longer, Healthier, Happier Life by the Simple Act of Giving by Stephen Post and Jill Neimark (2008).


Developing a deep understanding of the purpose and meaning in your life, of what makes you unique and attunes you to being part of a bigger picture in the natural world that surrounds you supports your overall health.  Religion, prayer, and spiritual connections in traditional healing systems complement conventional medicine and offer positive effects on health and well-being.