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Resource Guide for those Interested in Integrative Health Coaching: Home

Resources for Informed Health Care


The Duke Integrative Health Coach Professional Training Program and the Duke Medical Center Library have endeavored to place here a reliable collection of readily available resources to support the education and practice of integrative health coaching.  We welcome comments and suggestions.  Please comment below.

About the Wheel of Health

In today’s fast-paced and increasingly complex world, medical science and the evolution of unique models for health care are bringing us closer to truly personalized medicine.  Given these evolving trends, the need for a comprehensive and dynamically responsive plan for your health is even more important.  For this reason we want to help you create personalized health plans that are as responsive to your current health needs as they are adaptable to your future health.

Colors around the Wheel of Health denote important areas of focus.


You are the central focus of the Wheel of Health.  Mindful Awareness of physical, mental, social, and spiritual well-being is the key start the process of positive change. 


Self-Care resonates deeply in all aspects of your health and well-being, and is reflected in lifestyle, priorities, motivation, and habits.  Recognizing the impact of lifestyle on your basic health, and how it supports basic functions in your life, allows you to rebuild a healthier life from the ground up.


Professional Care The world of professional care includes therapies that are aimed at staying healthy (prevention) as well as treating conditions that arise (Intervention).  Integrative Medicine combines evidence-based therapies from both conventional (Western or Allopathic medicine) and complementary therapies.  Providers include physicians, nurses, nutritionists, and other conventional health care workers, as well as integrative health coaches, acupuncturists, massage therapists, psychologists, mind-body therapists, and a wide range of other complementary health care providers.

Resources for the Integrative Health Coach Professional


      Primary resources on this site are orgainized by the conceptual framework

  of Duke Integrative Medicine's Wheel of Health


As a living laboratory of innovative health care, Duke Integrative Medicine is always working to refine and enhance our unique model of health care.  We strive to keep getting better as time goes on.  The “new” version of the Wheel of Health reflects our ongoing evolutionary process.

While the working concept is essentially the same, there are important shifts in the new Wheel of Health.  We have placed “You” as the central focus, to reflect our commitment to the patient and to patient-centered care.  Mindful Awareness is the essential tool to start the process of positive change. 

Professional Care (blue) and Self Care (green) continue to surround the patient. Professional Care now reflects the inclusion of both Prevention and Intervention, health strategies used to optimize health as well as those primarily used for treatment of conditions.  In addition, Professional Care includes both conventional and complementary therapeutic options. 

Among the familiar domains of Self-Care, we have come to see among our patients that “Spirituality” is profoundly multi-dimensional with a deserving focus all its own; personal growth encompasses both “Personal and Professional Development.”   In recognition of the proven role of rest and sleep in maintaining restorative balance, we have added it to the expanded domain of  “Movement, Exercise and Rest”. Research demonstrates the significant role of communication skills in building and maintaining supportive and rewarding connections in life, and we have revised our “Relationships and Communication” domain to reflect this.


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