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Interlibrary Loans for Students: SOM and SON Students: Student Requests

Free Interlibrary Loans for SOM Students

We realize that the Duke libraries may not have all the journals that we need to support your learning at Duke. The Library has been granted funding to provide a limited number of free interlibrary loans to:

Since there is a direct cost for interlibrary loans (library fees and staff time), most requests will be screened before being processed to ensure that high quality information is accessible and being requested by our students.

There is an initial budget cap funding for articles and once reached, the Library, SOM, SON, PA and DPT programs will re-evaluate the program. So your requests should be:

  • thoughtful
  • directly relevant to your educational program
  • for articles you consider Important or Crucial to your learning, research or patient care.

The number and type of articles will also be analyzed and shared with the Vice Dean and the directors of the other programs on a regular basis to determine appropriateness of requests as well as costs.

Students should NOT request on behalf of faculty, staff, housestaff, or other Duke employees. Those individuals must make their own requests and pay the standard fees if not covered by their program.

Students who need to make bulk requests should contact the Library first.

When you make an interlibrary loan article or chapter request, you will need to select the relevant Student ILL Program from the dropdown on the form in answer to the question, “Are you willing to pay a fee ($11) if the item is not available at Duke?

  • Your request(s) will be reviewed as quickly as possible during business days, but there may be a delay of one to two days before the request is approved for processing
  • The article may not be available for 1 to 3 business days from the date of request, or longer if it is difficult to find a library which owns it   
  • You will be provided with a link to the article if filled or with information about cancellation
  • Reviewers may request additional information from you

Guidelines Used for Reviewing ILL Requests from Students

Purpose: Provide access to external content to students and help the students make good decisions about the citations being requested for research, patient care and learning.

Approvals: Most requests from high quality journals not available at Duke University will be approved. The number and type of articles will be weighed against the stated purpose and importance of the request, as provided by a student in the Qualtrics form.

The following types of articles may not be approved:

  • Editorials or letters to the editor
  • Articles written in foreign languages
  • Newsletter articles
  • Articles of only 1 page length
  • Abstracts from conference proceedings
  • Poor quality journals
  • Topics not relevant to biomedicine
  • Content that is too broad and may be accessible from other journals at Duke, e.g. surveys of the field, general review articles
  • Very old publications unless considered classics in the field