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Teaching Resources: Education Grand Rounds

Further Medical Education Events

ECE Distinguished Lecture: Disruptive Innovation Via Open Education Resources

with Richard Baraniuk, Ph.D., Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Rice University

Upcoming Education Grand Rounds

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Archived Sessions

Essentials of Effective Feedback (November 2011)
Drs. Diana McNeill and Larry Greenblatt Duke School of Medicine

Teaching Efficiently in the Outpatient and Inpatient Setting: Juggling Act, Magic Trick, or Mission Impossible? (December 2011)
Dr. Bruce Peyser, Duke School of Medicine

Making Presentations Even More Impactful (March 2012)
Dr. Jonathan Mark, Chief of Anesthesia, VA Medical Center

Team Leads Demo (May 2012)
Dr. Ed Buckley and Dr. Colleen Grochowski, Duke SOM

Teaching on the Wards: Tips for Effective Inpatient Teaching (September 2012)
Dr Saumil Chudgar, Hospitalist Physician

How to Give Difficult Feedback: An Essential Professional Development Skill (December 2013)

Dr. Jo Shapiro, Chief, Division of Otolaryngology in the Department of Surgery at Brigham and Women's Hospital

Longitudinal Curricula (June 2014)
Dr. Barbara Sheline - Associate Professor, Community and Family Medicine 

MOOCs for UME and Beyond: Lessons Learned from the Medical Neuroscience Experience (September 2014)
Dr. Len White

Developing assessment tools in medical education (December 2014)
Dr. Lisa Criscione Schreiber

Healthcare Simulation: Past, Present and Future (October 2014)
Dr. Jeff Taekman

Assessing Assessments! Taking an Evidence Based Approach to Authentic Assessments (January 2015)
Dr. Eric Holmboe

Enhancing the Quality of Assessments (May 2015) 
Dr. Gary Dunnington (Chairman, Department of Surgery, Indiana University School of Medicine)

Validity of Direct Observation (June 2015)
Dr. Brian Hodges (Vice President Education, University Health Network)

November 2015
Teaching orthopaedics upside down: A competency based approach to teach residency education
Dr. Benjamin A. Alman (Distinguished James R. Urbaniak Professor and Chair, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery)

December 2015
Teaching in the Electronic Medical Record
Dr. Nancy Weigle (Course Director, The Practice Course,Family Medicine Clerkship Director)

February 2016
Learner Centered Learning
Dr. Daniella Zipkin (Associate Professor of Medicine, Associate Program Director for Ambulatory Medicine)

April 2016
It’s a Team Sport—Teaching Non-Physician Learners
Iris Padilla (Assistant Professor, Duke University School of Nursing), Karen Hills, MS, PA-C (Program Director, Duke Physician Assistant Program), Dustin Wilson (Clinical Faculty Pharmacist, Duke University Hospital)

June 2016
An Approach to Evaluation and Feedback Designed to Improve Performance
Keith Baker, MD, PhD (Anesthesiology Program Director, Massachusetts General Hospital;Associate Professor in Anesthesia, Harvard Medical School)   

Medical Decision Making (January 2012)
Dan Ariely, Fuqua School of Business

Applying Cognitive Science to Enhance Medical Education (November 2012)
Dr. Andrew Butler, Duke Psychology & Neuroscience

Deliberate Metacognition: teaching  learners how to think about how they think (January 2013)
Dr. David Gordon, Assistant Professor of Surgery

Teaching Novice Physicians to Think Like Experts (May 2013)
Dr. Jamie Fox, Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Fatigue and Its Impact on Clinical Care and Learning (February 2012)
Dr. David Dinges, University of Pennsylvania

Burnout in Medicine - What we know about penetration variability and immunity strategies (November 2013)
Dr. Annie Nedrow - Associate Director, Integrative Medicine

Educating Physicians: A Call for Reform of Medical Education: Medical Schools and Residency (February 2012)
Dr. Molly Cooke, University of California, San Francisco

The Future of Medicine (June 2012)
Dr. Ed Buckley, Duke SOM

Hot Topics in UME, GME & CME (March 2013)
Dr. Colleen Grochowski, Dr. Alisa Nagler & Dr. Kathy Grichnik 

The M4 Year: Critical Transition or Extended Vacation? (June 2013)
Dr. Barbara Pettitt, Director of Education, Emory Endosurgery Unit

Competency Based Education: Comparing Outcomes with a Traditional to a "Modular" Orthopaedic Residency Program (October 2013)
Dr. Richard Reznick, Faculty of Health Sciences, Queen's University & CEO, Southeastern Ontario Academic Medical Organizations (SEAMO)

Reconciling Patient Safety, the EMR & Education (February 2015)
Dr. Jane Gagliardi (Program Director, Psychiatry)

CLER Perspectives -- Discoveries & Next Steps (April 2015) 
Dr. Catherine Kuhn (Director, Graduate Medical Education)

March 2016
Legal Issues with Learners 
Vonne Jacobs (Office of Counsel)

May 2016

Health Professions Education Must Change: What Educators Need to Know About the Changing Clinical Context
Monica Lypson, MD, MHPE (Associate Chief of Staff/Education, Ann Arbor VA Healthcare System)

Medical History & the Teaching of Professionalism (April 2013)
Dr. Jeff Baker, Pediatric Primary Care

Transforming Healthcare Through Quality Improvement & Systems Education (September 2013)
Dr. Prathibha Varkey, Mayo Clinic 

Risk Management Issues Involving Learners (March 2014)
Barbara Hendrix - Director, DUHS Clinical Risk Management 

I’m Clear, You’re Clear, We’re all Clear about this Consultation (February 2014)
Dr. Chad Kessler - Deputy Chief of Staff, Durham VA Medical Center

High Value Care: Reduce Waste and Improve Outcomes (August 2014)
Dr. Daisy Smith & Dr. Suzanne Woods

Milestones and EPAs: The Next Step in Meaningful Assessment of Competence (October 2012)
Dr. Robert Englander, Senior Director of Competency-Based Learning and Assessment AAMC

Competencies, Milestones & Assessment (The Internal Medicine Perspective) (February 2013)
Dr. William Iobst, ABIM

Maximally Invasive Teaching (July 2013)
Dr. Deb DeRosa, Professor in Surgery & Medical Education, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine 

Milestones: New Outcomes Expectations for GME (January 2014)
Dr. Suzanne Woods - Program Director, Internal Med/Pediatrics

Making The Most of Milestones (April 2014)
Dr. Aimee Zaas - Program Director, Internal Medicine 

Medical Education Research (December 2012)
Dr. Larry Gruppen, University of Michigan Medical School

Due Process or Don't Process: Medical Education and The IRB (May 2014)
Dr. Mitch Heflin - Program Director, Geriatric Medicine 

Generational Differences or Changing Times in Medicine: Will the Millennials Take Good Care of Us? (October 2011)
Dr. Caroline Haynes and Dr. Robert Drucker, Duke School of Medicine

Legal Issues and Remediation (April 2012)
Jamie Padmore and Kerry Richard, MedStar

A Prescription for Cultural Competency in Resident Education: Are you up to date? (November 2014)
Dr. Kenny Railey & Dr. Judy Seidenstein


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