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Digital Health Device Collection

What is the Digital Health Device Collection?

The Digital Health Device Collection is a library of digital devices that can be used in research and pilot projects across Duke Health and Duke University. This Device Collection will enable researchers, clinicians, students and consumers to explore the capabilities of digital health devices to inform their research project design, and/or purchasing decisions for clinical or other needs. We hope the opportunity to test these devices reduces barriers to entry and sparks ideas that result in new grant funding and improved medical care.

Who is the Digital Device Collection for?

Our devices can be borrowed by researchers across Duke Health and Duke University considering digital health devices for their research or clinical needs to facilitate appropriate device selection (data collection, data format, participant comfort, etc.). Of the research proposals submitted to the Duke Health Institutional Review Board (IRB), the number that include mobile apps or digital health devices has rapidly increased. In recent years, 476 new studies (19.5%) indicated that they will use a mobile application as part of the research study. The number of studies using FDA approved or exempt commercial digital devices is probably significantly higher.

In addition, we welcome potential trial participants to come see devices that are being used in any trials.

What do we hope to accomplish?

  • Allow researchers to try devices prior to funding or study launch to ensure appropriate data collection
  • Allow participants to pilot devices prior to study participation to facilitate familiarity and informed participation
  • Allow providers and students to try devices prior to purchasing, recommending, or prescribing devices

Who are we?

The Digital Health Device Collection is brought to you by the Medical Center Library & Archives and the Duke Clinical and Translational Science Institute.