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Data Sharing and Public Access Policies

Biomedical and Scientific Agencies

Below is a brief summary of other agencies plans and policies that might be of interest to the Duke community. 

Plan = link to plan / policy implementation documents
Date = Implementation date(s)
Article= Public access to articles as defined by the policies
Data =  Digital data sets
MP = Data Management Plan requirement

Department of Energy (DOE)

Plan    Additional information on Policy and Communications
Date:  Awards issued or renewed after October 1, 2014; Unrestricted, unclassified data July 28, 2014
Article:  DOE will host the portal Public Access Gateway for Energy and Science (PAGES) with metadata and abstracts for publications linked to the publishers "version of record" (VoR) when that version is open and free of charge; if not free, will link to full-text accepted manuscript version within 12 months of publication. Researchers must submit metadata and link to full-text accepted manuscript to their Office of Science and Technical Information.  Beta version of PAGES now available.
Data:  Plan for making all data displayed in publications from research open, machine readable and digitally accessible to public as supplementary data to the article or to existing community or institutional repositories; article must describe how can be accessed.   Some data may be SBIR/STTR protected data and not publicly shareable.  Statement on Digital Data Management   Not all data needs to be shared or preserved, costs and benefits to be considered in planning.  There is list of data management resources at the DOE Office of Science User Facilities.  
DMP: required.  Suggested elements.  Publications must state how data can be accessed. Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy has detailed requirements for data submission to the Open Energy Information Platform (OpenEI)


Department of Defense (DOD)

Date:  February 2015 released, no further dates on full implementation but expected by 4th quarter FY16.  Prototype for DoD Public Access Search now available.
Article:  DTIC will create input system for peer reviewed scholarly publications; DTIC has built the DoD Public Access Search site in preparation for the submission of journal articles, but no date for implementation has been posted.  Will start with intramural research and then to move to grantee-performed work.
Data:  For unclassified publicly releasable data, plans to support decentralized approach within DOD for storing data in public repositories, with a centralized data catalog/locator at DTIC with metadata for measurement and discovery.  Will start with intramural research and then move to contracts and grantee-performed research.  Data underlying publications available at time of publication.  Voluntary pilots to begin at end of 2015.DTIC will create data set catalog that links to data stored in decentralized repositories.  
DMP: required.   


Department of Agriculture

Date: Released Nov. 2014; publications January 2016; Mainstream data implementation 2017
Article:  Submit final peer-reviewed and accepted journal manuscripts to USDA public access archive; PubAg will be the article repository; negotiating agreements with publishers as well
Data:  Some programs already require requiring data submission and will be used as pilots.  Created Council to review current data status and identify areas not prepared to expand public access to research data.
DMP: Phased in approach, mostly planning 2015-2016 . Plans USDA data catalog in future.


National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

Date:  October 2015
Article:  NASA-branded portal to NIH PubMed Central(PMC) platform, following the NASA-sponsored author’s submission of an exact copy of the as-accepted manuscript or the publisher-transmitted copy of the Version of Record.  max. 12 month embargo
Data:  Requirement for sharable data may be met by including data with the publication as supplementary material, through NASA
archives, or through other means, and means of access should be indicated in the published article.
DMP: required.

Other US Agency Plans