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Data Sharing and Public Access Policies

Dept. of Health & Human Services Agency Plans and Policies

Below is a brief outline of public access plan requirements for data and scientific publications for agencies under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Note that all agencies require a data management plan (DMP).

Plan = link to plan / policy implementation documents
Date = Implementation date(s)
Article= Public access to articles as defined by the policies
Data =  Digital data sets

The Library's NIH Public Access Policy Compliance guide also provides instructions and helpful information for using the NIH Manuscript Submission System (NIHMS) for deposting articles into PubMedCentral (PMC).  

NIH provides a Data Sharing FAQ  which answers common questions and provides basic guidance.

National Institutes of Health
Date:  April 7, 2008 articles; October 2003 Data; January 2015 Genomic data; NIMH Clinical research May 2015
Article: Must submit final, peer-reviewed journal manuscripts to PMC; max. embargo 12 months. 
See also NIH policy compliance guide for detailed information.
Data:  While data may be deposited in any of the many already existing public repositories, using community standards of
data collection and description, NIH is also funding the development of a data discovery index, and will continue to explore the development of a data commons.

Administration for Community Living
Date:  October 1, 2016 articles; October 1, 2017 data
Article:  Deposit publications in the PubMed Central database, max. embargo 12 months.
Data:  Repository not specified.

Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality (AHRQ)
Date:  Feb. 2015 articles; October 2015 data
Article:  Deposit publications in the PubMed Central database, max. embargo 12 months. 
Data:   work with AHRQ staff to submit to a contracted commercial repository.

Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR)
Date:  October 1, 2014
Article: Deposit publications in the PubMed Central database, max. embargo 12 months.
Data:  In-scope digital scientific data sets must be deposited in a recognized scientific data repository capable of long-term preservation of the data and open access to the public within 30 months from the creation of the data set or upon publication of a peer reviewed publication based on the data set, whichever is sooner. Additionally, a metadata document for the data, using common core metadata, must be submitted to ASPR, and will be made publicly available on, and other appropriate sharing locations such as the DHHS Public Health Emergency website ( Also, new awards will not be given unless terms of previous awards are met, including the conditions detailed in data sharing and management plans.

Center for Disease Control
Date:     October 2015
Article: Submit final, peer-reviewed journal manuscripts to the CDC Stacks repository using the National Institute of Health Manuscript Submission (NIHMS) system, upon acceptance of the manuscript.
Data: Minimal data released at the time of article publication, more detailed data released according to CDC standard research data release timeline; all data intended for release, regardless of publication, should be made accessible within 30 months of the end of data collection. Researchers should use the repositories available to them, including the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) or CDC WONDER; other options are under development.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
Date:  October 2015
Article: Deposit final peer-reviewed versions of articles in the PubMed Central database, max. 12 month embargo.
Data:  Accessible in discipline specific repositories, where available, at the time of article publication.