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COVID-19: Core Clinical Resources

About this guide

We have attempted to gather information and literature about COVID-19 that will be immediately useful to practicing clinicians at Duke. The topic is evolving rapidly, with an onslaught of literature and information. Please understand that this guide is also fluid and evolving! If you are a Duke clinician, we welcome your feedback and suggestions.

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Emerging Literature

Publisher Resources

In response to COVID-19, many publishers and library vendors are offering free access to some online content for a limited time period. Please click here to review the full list

PubMed Core Search Strategy

Use the following search strategy as your starting point to finding literature on COVID-19 in PubMed. Feel free to copy/paste the search into PubMed and add additional search terms. For example, use the following search and combine with AND pregnancy to identify literature on COVID-19 and pregnancy.

The search is also hyperlinked and will open up in PubMed  If the hyperlink does not work, please copy the search string and paste it into PubMed

("COVID-19"[Supplementary Concept] OR "severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2"[Supplementary Concept] OR "COVID-19 diagnostic testing"[Supplementary Concept] OR "COVID-19 drug treatment"[Supplementary Concept] OR "COVID-19 serotherapy"[Supplementary Concept] OR "COVID-19 vaccine" [Supplementary Concept] OR "pediatric multisystem inflammatory disease, COVID-19 related" [Supplementary Concept] OR "COVID-19"[tw] OR "COVID 19"[tw] OR COVID19[tw] OR 2019nCov[tw] OR "2019-nCoV"[tw] OR "2019 ncov"[tw] OR SARS-CoV-2[tw] OR (Wuhan[tw] AND coronavirus[tw]) OR ((new[tw] OR novel[tw]) AND coronavirus[tw]) AND English[lang])

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