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Digital Health Device Collection


Sunu band 

Model:   Sunu band
Manufacturer:   Sunu
Category:   Smart Devices

Assistive technology for the blind. A smart mobility aid that uses echolocation to complement your white cane or guide dog. You simply wear it like a watch and it works as an invisible white cane for your upper body, allowing you to perceive people, obstacles, and spaces around you through vibrations. Smart phone required.

Compatibility:   iOS, Android
Getting Started:  


Loan Policy:  

Device may be checked out by Duke Health & Duke University patrons
for two weeks. Loan can be renewed two times if no other requests
are pending. Extended loans may be available on a case-by-case basis. 
If a device is currently checked out, patrons may put a hold on it to be 
notified when the device becomes available again.

Evaluation Plan:  

Researchers who borrow devices will be asked to complete evaluations to
identify the strengths, weakness, and value of the Device Library.