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Data Sharing and Public Access Policies

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Policies

VA Plan/policy  (Updated July 2015)

Data management plan required -- December 2015

  • how final research datasets underlying scientific publications area available for discovery, retrieval, and analysis
  • What data will be available in machine-readable forms
  • Include provisions for long-term preservation and access to digital formats or explain why cannot be provided
  • Explain how data sharing and preservation will enable validation of results or how results could be validated if not shared
  • Describe mechanisms to ensure privacy, confidentiality and security of data

Complete analysis and determine path forward and mechanism for public access to VA research data -- December 2016

Public Access to Scientific Publications:


The Department of Veterans Affairs supports the idea of open data, i.e. that public data should be easily accessible.  Data from the work the VA does for Veterans is made available through:  Open Data Portal  

  • In addition to data, includes APIs, tools and resources that can be used to develop web and mobile applications, design data visualizations, and create stories directly from VA resources
  • Does not include personal data (names, addresses, birthplace, etc…). 
  • Anyone can use to create products like web or mobile apps, infographics, or stories .