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MS2 Book Exchange Program: Materials for the Book Exchange


Electronic Book Packages

The Library has purchased several e-book packages which contain a large number of Book Exchange titles. 
These packages have unlimited simultaneous users which means they can be accessed by multiple people at one time.  


Print Only Titles:
Dr. Pestana's Surgery Notes 
(Print Only)
PreTest Surgery (Print Only)

Electronic BEx Titles:
Surgery by De Virgilio (Proquest)
Case Files Surgery  (Access Medicine)

Surgical Recall (LWW Clerkship)
Step-Up Surgery  (LWW Clerkship)
Blueprints Surgery (LWW Clerkship)

Suggested Electronic Titles:
Advanced Surgical Recall (LWW Clerkship)
NMS Surgery Casebook (LWW Clerkship)
NMS Surgery (LWW Clerkship)
Current Diagnosis & Treatment Surgery (Access Medicine)
Essentials of General Surgery & Surgical Specialties (LWW Clerkship)
Sabiston's Textbook of Surgery (Clinical Key)


Print Only Titles:
​PreTest Pediatrics
(Print Only)

Electronic BEx Titles:
Nelson's Essentials of Pediatrics (R2)
Case Files Pediatrics (Access Medicine)
Step-Up Pediatrics - (LWW Clerkship)
Blueprints Pediatrics - (LWW Clerkship)

Suggested Electronic Titles:
Pediatric Recall
- (LWW Clerkship)
Current Treatment & Diagnosis - Pediatrics - (Access Medicine)
BRS Board Reviews - (LWW Clerkship)

Family Medicine

Print Only Titles:
Blueprints Family Medicine 

Electronic BEx Titles:
Case Files Family Medicine (Newest Edition Access Medicine)
Current Diagnosis & Treatment Family Medicine (Access Medicine)
Blueprints Family Medicine (LWW Clerkship)
Step-Up Family Medicine (LWW Clerkship)

Suggested Electronic Titles:

Required Chapters:
 Step -Up Medicine - Read Chapter 12 Ambulatory Medicine


Print Only Titles:
PreTest Medicine (Print Only)

Electronic BEx Titles:
Case Files Medicine  (Access Medicine)
Step-Up Medicine (LWW Clerkship)

Suggested Electronic Titles:
Step-Up Emergency Medicine (LWW Clerkship)
Medicine Recall (LWW Clerkship)
Washington Manual (LWW Clerkship)

Internal Medicine Essentials of Students MKSAP 5 (R2 Library)


Print Only Titles:
First Aid for the Psychiatric Clerkship
(Print Only)
Lange Q & A Psychiatry (Print Only)
PreTest Psychiatry (Print Only)

Electronic BEx Titles:
Case Files Psychiatry (Access Medicine)
Introduction to Psychiatry by Andreasen (R2)
Blueprints Psychiatry (LWW Clerkship)

Suggested Electronic Titles: 
Current Treatment & Diagnosis - Psychiatry (Access Medicine)
Psychiatry Interview (LWW Clerkship)


Print Only Titles:
Practical Research (Print Only)

Electronic BEx Titles:
Understanding Health Policy (Access Medicine)
Basic and Clinical Biostatistics (Access Medicine)

Suggested Electronic Titles:


Print Only Titles: 

Electronic BEx Titles
Case Files OBGyn  (Access Medicine)

Beckmann's OBGyn (LWW Clerkship)
Step-Up to OBG (LWW Clerkship)
Blueprints OBG (LWW Clerkship)

Suggested Electronic Titles:
Current Diagnosis & Treatment -OBG  (Access Medicine)


Print Only Titles:

Electronic BEx Titles:

Learning Radiology (Clinical Key)
Radiology Secrets Plus (Clinical Key)

Required Chapters:
Squires Fundamentals of Radiology: Chapter 1 & 2
 (on eReserve)

Suggested Electronic Titles:


Print Only Titles:
PreTest Neurology (Print Only)

Electronic BEx Titles: 
Case Files Neurology (Access Medicine)
BluePrints Neurology (LWW Clerkship)
Clinical Neurology (Access Medicine)

Suggested Electronic Titles:
Clinical Neruroanatomy
 (Access Medicine)

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Further Resources

Other e-book packages which may be of use. (Many may not be unlimited simultaneous users.)
R2 Digital Library 
JAMA Evidence - includes a copy of the book "User's Guide to the Medical Literature" which is used in Evidence Based Practice courses.  

​MedOne is a series of high quality medical atlases:
​MedOne Education
MedOne Neurosurgery
MedOne Plastic Surgery 

If you wish to know more about Ebooks within the Duke Medical Center Library, please check out this LibGuide on the subject.