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MS2 Book Exchange Program: Materials for the Book Exchange


Electronic Book Packages

The Library has purchased several e-book packages which contain a large number of Book Exchange titles. 
These packages have unlimited simultaneous users which means they can be accessed by multiple people at one time.  

Access Medicine - McGraw Hill titles, including the entire Case Files and Current Diagnosis & Treatment collections, and most of the Lange titles, 
LWW Clerkship - Lippincott titles- including the entire Step-UpBlueprints, and Recalls series, plus Beckman's OBG are in this package. 
Clinical Key - Elsevier titles, mostly textbooks and reference books.



Print Only Titles:
Dr. Pastana's Surgery Notes 
(Print Only)
PreTest Surgery (Print Only)

Electronic BEx Titles:
Surgery by De Virgilio (Proquest)
Case Files Surgery  (Access Medicine)

Surgical Recall (LWW Clerkship)
Step-Up Surgery  (LWW Clerkship)
Blueprints Surgery (LWW Clerkship)

Suggested Electronic Titles:
Advanced Surgical Recall (LWW Clerkship)
NMS Surgery Casebook (LWW Clerkship)
NMS Surgery (LWW Clerkship)
Current Diagnosis & Treatment Surgery (Access Medicine)
Essentials of General Surgery & Surgical Specialties (LWW Clerkship)
Sabiston's Textbook of Surgery (Clinical Key)


Print Only Titles:
​PreTest Pediatrics
(Print Only)

Electronic BEx Titles:
Nelson's Essentials of Pediatrics (R2)
Case Files Pediatrics (Access Medicine)
Step-Up Pediatrics - (LWW Clerkship)
Blueprints Pediatrics - (LWW Clerkship)

Suggested Electronic Titles:
Pediatric Recall
- (LWW Clerkship)
Current Treatment & Diagnosis - Pediatrics - (Access Medicine)
BRS Board Reviews - (LWW Clerkship)

Family Medicine

Print Only Titles:
Blueprints Family Medicine 

Electronic BEx Titles:
Case Files Family Medicine (Newest Edition Access Medicine)
Current Diagnosis & Treatment Family Medicine (Access Medicine)
Blueprints Family Medicine (LWW Clerkship)
Step-Up Family Medicine (LWW Clerkship)

Suggested Electronic Titles:

Required Chapters:
 Step -Up Medicine - Read Chapter 12 Ambulatory Medicine


Print Only Titles:
PreTest Medicine (Print Only)

Electronic BEx Titles:
Case Files Medicine  (Access Medicine)
Step-Up Medicine (LWW Clerkship)

Suggested Electronic Titles:
Step-Up Emergency Medicine (LWW Clerkship)
Medicine Recall (LWW Clerkship)
Washington Manual (LWW Clerkship)

Internal Medicine Essentials of Students MKSAP 5 (R2 Library)


Print Only Titles:
First Aid for the Psychiatric Clerkship
(Print Only)
Lange Q & A Psychiatry (Print Only)
PreTest Psychiatry (Print Only)

Electronic BEx Titles:
Case Files Psychiatry (Access Medicine)
Introduction to Psychiatry by Andreasen (R2)
Blueprints Psychiatry (LWW Clerkship)

Suggested Electronic Titles: 
Current Treatment & Diagnosis - Psychiatry (Access Medicine)
Psychiatry Interview (LWW Clerkship)


Print Only Titles:
Practical Research (Print Only)

Electronic BEx Titles:
Understanding Health Policy (Access Medicine)
Basic and Clinical Biostatistics (Access Medicine)

Suggested Electronic Titles:


Print Only Titles: 

Electronic BEx Titles
Case Files OBGyn  (Access Medicine)

Beckmann's OBGyn (LWW Clerkship)
Step-Up to OBG (LWW Clerkship)
Blueprints OBG (LWW Clerkship)

Suggested Electronic Titles:
Current Diagnosis & Treatment -OBG  (Access Medicine)


Print Only Titles:

Electronic BEx Titles:

Learning Radiology (Clinical Key)
Radiology Secrets Plus (Clinical Key)

Required Chapters:
Squires Fundamentals of Radiology: Chapter 1 & 2
 (on eReserve)

Suggested Electronic Titles:


Print Only Titles:
PreTest Neurology (Print Only)

Electronic BEx Titles: 
Case Files Neurology (Access Medicine)
BluePrints Neurology (LWW Clerkship)
Clinical Neurology (Access Medicine)

Suggested Electronic Titles:
Clinical Neruroanatomy
 (Access Medicine)

Library Coordinator for the Book Exchange

The Library houses, maintains, and facilitates check out of the BEx collection but it is solely owned by the Duke Medical School second year students.

For more information concerning the Book Exchange program, or if you have comments, issues with access, or want to give positive feedback, please contact Elizabeth Berney. 


Contact Elizabeth

Elizabeth Berney's picture
Elizabeth Berney
DUMC 3702
10 Searle Road
Durham, NC 27710
919-660-1100 Main Service Desk

Further Resources

Other e-book packages which may be of use. (Many may not be unlimited simultaneous users.)
R2 Digital Library 
JAMA Evidence - includes a copy of the book "User's Guide to the Medical Literature" which is used in Evidence Based Practice courses.  

​MedOne is a series of high quality medical atlases:
​MedOne Education
MedOne Neurosurgery
MedOne Plastic Surgery 

If you wish to know more about Ebooks within the Duke Medical Center Library, please check out this LibGuide on the subject.