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Occupational Therapy Resources


Below are databases that are specific to business and entrepeneurial research. Each one can serve multiple roles: the ones I outline be low are merely suggestions. The most important thing is to take the time and experiment in each one!


Business Databases


This Database is great for...


MarketLine Advantage


Industry/Market research, specifically: finding general information about a broad market or a large company. Contains full text market research reports that include executive summaries, 5 forces analysis, market volume, rivalry, forecasts, and more. Also has a global scope.


Industry/market research, specifically: finding reports and statistics about companies within the US. Keep in mind that reports are focusing on the national level. If you need something state specific, try BizMiner.



Consumer/customer research. Provides market research on consumer oriented sectors with a focus on behaviors and trends.


Reference USA

Finding information on competitors. This database includes information on just about every US and Canadian company, including those in healthcare.




Finding potential funding sources. It can also help you find similar companies. Please note: you cannot download more than 25 lines per month.



North Carolina Health Data


This website contains...


NC County Health Profiles


Provides an overview of the state's health, broken down by county. General topics include Adult, child, and infant health, health insurance and access to care, social determinants of health, and more .

NCDHHS Facts and Figures

Hosts state and county-level reports created by the NC Division of Public Health.