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Current Position

As the Biomedical Research Liaison Librarian, I provide targeted support and services to biomedical researchers in the Duke community.  By providing workshops, research consultations, instructional sessions, assistance with literature searching, and more; I will support the entire publication life-cycle for the biomedical researcher.

I am dedicated to making the library, its resources and information as accessible and user-friendly as possible. I strives to teach transferable skills, relevant across databases, questions and circumstances. Whether you need to answer a specific question or learn how to navigate the library's website, I am happy to help!


  • BS, Biology, Central Michigan University
  • MSI, School of Information, University of Michigan


I came to Duke after working several years in health science libraries.  As a Libraries Fellow at North Carolina State University I developed instructional and outreach services at the Veterinary Medicine Library and Natural Resources Library.  As an Education and Research Librarian at Virginia Commonwealth University my work focused on providing and developing instruction for a variety of faculty, staff and students.  With a background in biology and information, I enjoy melding the two together and helping others do the same. 

Research Interests

  • Instruction - developing new ways to teach both in-person and electronically
  • Information use - how do researchers find information and what are their information needs

What can I do for you?

  • Help manage compliance with the NIH Public Access Policy
  • Assist in using My Bibliography & SciENcv to create NIH Biosketches
  • Develop literature searches for animal alternatives for IACUC protocols
  • Guest lecture for classes, department meetings, or research teams
  • Collaborate on systematic reviews of the literature and grant preparation
  • Consult on literature search strategies and resource selection
  • Assist you with managing information, from staying up-to-date with the literature to managing citations using software such as EndNote, RefWorks, Medeley, etc.
  • Assist you with copyright and data management issues
  • Communicate your needs for resources and services to the library

Schedule a Consult

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Need help? 

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Then send me an email to set up a time for one-on-one help!

Selected Publications & Presentations

Bain, A., Jones, S.D., Mack, T., Mazure, E. S. (2010) Leveraging social media tools to engage library users. Presenation, Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the Medical Library Association.

Henderson, M.E., Jones, S.d., Mazure, E. (2010) Enhancing the one-shot session: using pre-class online tutorials to build a basic information literacy foundation. Breakout session, LOEX Annual Conference.

Mazure, E. S., Stone, V., Wright, B. (2009) Integrating the library into clinical rotations: a proactive approach. Poster, MLA Tri-Chapter Conference.

Mazure, E.S., Jones, S.D. (2009) Efficiently leveraging social media tools to reach library users. Poster, MLA Tri-Chapter Conference.

Brown, N.E., Mazure, E.S., Schattle, E. (2009)  Engaging today's learners: Making Library Instruction and Outreach Dynamic. Educause Mic-Atlantic Regional Conference.

Mazure, E. (2009) Review of 'Welfare of Pigs: from birth to slaughter. Eds. Faucitano, L. & Schaefer, A.L. E-streams: YBP Library Services.

Alpi, K., Mazure, E., Vreeland, C. (2008) Reaching out by sitting in: successful outreach incorporating information literacy skills. Poster, Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the Medical Library Association.

Mazure, E. Scholtz, N. Seale, M. (2008) Helping librarians help: an outcome-based evaluation of the University of Michigan's Instructor College. Poster, American Library Association Annual Conference.

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